Shindy.TV™ is the hot new Internet television show that takes you inside the San Diego scene — all the best places to dine, drink, dance, shop, hear live music, experience art and culture, or just chill. There’s no other show like Shindy.TV™.

Take a video tour inside the hottest new San Diego clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels; the trendiest spas, salons and fashion boutiques; upcoming bands to watch and the music venues to see them in; celebrities, exciting events and more ― essentially, everything worth seeing, hearing, tasting, wearing and doing in San Diego.

Meet the owners. Meet the chefs. Meet the bartenders. Meet the DJs. Meet the members of the band. Meet the museum curators. Meet the wine sommeliers. Meet the partiers, the diners and the shoppers — just like you and me.

Your TV hosts are irreverent, a little bit crazy, laugh-out-loud funny and ready to take you along to where the action is in a non-strop stream of video segments.

The Shindy.TV Team:

Gehrig Mantle Miller – Host
Gehrig was born in Southern California but was brought up in Rochester, NY. He made his way back to California in June 2004 and was bit by the acting bug shortly thereafter. With a few commercials and a couple of Independent Films under his belt, he has been looking for an opportunity to display his wild and crazy side… Shindy.TV is that outlet. With an endless supply of energy coupled with a self-diagnosed ADHD, he hopes y’all can keep up. Not to mention, with a name that seems destined for superstardom, Gehrig Mantle Miller, the sky is the limit for this rising star.

Stephanie June – Host
Stephanie June has been working in the entertainment industry for over five years. During this time, she has worked in front of the camera for television and film and has worked at KGTV Channel 10 News, behind the camera.Along with her Shindy.TV hosting gig she has just begun rehearsals for the web series prequel to an independent movie titled ‘Day After the Revolution.’ Her east coast sarcasm and hard working mentality have led her to where she is today, but she can also mellow out with the west coast crew quite easily. Stephanie is a down-to-earth girl who is easy to get along with and likes have a good time. Her motto is ‘work hard, play harder’ and she will give you a great glimpse into all the beautiful places in San Diego with Shindy.TV. Originally from Boston, Stephanie has been in San Diego for almost four years and has lived in other cities including Los Angeles & Santa Barbara.

Jennie Montgomery – Host
Jennie Montgomery has been entertaining her friends and family with her antics her whole life. Jennie’s on- camera career got off to a rousing start as the lead anchor for KMVG Eyewitness News, Mrs. McDonald’s 3rd grade video news report at Vista Grande Elementary. She and her sister were also co-hosts of a popular talk show that took place in their living room, complete with theme song and an opening dance number. Her mother is relieved that she is finally funneling her talent for snappy banter into something useful. Jennie’s day job is Development Director for San Diego’s finest radio station, Jazz88.3, where she gets to unleash her talking skills during the Spring and Fall fund-raising seasons. Jennie graduated from UCLA with a degree in Communication Studies. She has lived in Washington, DC and Madrid, Spain, but is a proud San Diego native (and loyal Padres fan) and is thrilled to be back in her hometown to explore all the fun things there are to do, and to share them with all Shindy-nistas. She enjoys reading, cheeses, cooking shows, bullfighting, and dirty martinis.

Ron “Hollywood” Marcus – Producer, Host
Shindy.TV’s producer and part-time host got his start in entertainment at the ripe young age of 9 when he started playing the cello. In high school, he took honors on the speech team in impromptu and extemporaneous speaking, even winning the coveted “Speaker of the Week” award from his speaking coach. Ron went on to be a full-time ham, shamelessly getting up in front of groups to host events, give talks and tell jokes. He also went on to play keys and bass guitar in a couple of local bands, and now enjoys a group of fans that number in the tens. When not entertaining, Ron has been working in marketing communications, running a branding and corporate communications company for many years. Out of this grew his love for all things video. With the emergence of San Diego as a cultural hotbed, and the explosion of internet video, Ron saw his calling: to help create an internet television show about San Diego lifestyle and entertainment. And so, Shindy.TV was born.

Marci Pascua – Editor & Videographer
Marci grew up in Northern California. She received a volleyball scholarship to Lewis-Clark State in Lewiston Idaho, where she graduated with a degree in Communication Arts, with an emphasis in Video Production. Marci moved to San Diego in 2005 and is currently living in Encinitas, CA where she does freelance video editing and videography. She recently finished editing a film that was shot in San Diego called “3 Ways To Sunday”, starring Shindy.TV’s own Gehrig Mantle Miller, which is how she came to edit for Shindy.TV. A woman of many talents, Marci has lent her videographer skills to several Shindy.TV segments.

Whitney Grossman – Production Assistant
Whitney Grossman is a recent graduate from San Diego State University.  She earned her Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Psychology.  She is very optimistic with a passion for learning new things, and is greatly motivated by helping others. Whitney is dedicated to achieving excellence, and thrilled about the knowledge she has acquired from her work with The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Shindy.TV. Her work experience has enabled her to develop exceptional public relations skills and business acumen, allowing her to be a contributor in the work environment.

Jhomar Josue – Editor & Videographer
Jhomar Josue is a very well rounded individual who knows many different areas of art and multimedia. He received his Bachelor of Science from San Diego State University in Television, Film and New Media with minors in Art and Media Arts & Technology. His skills include editing, compositing, scriptwriting, animation, and cinematography. He enjoys learning and exploring different ways to use new media. His talent continues with his knowledge of camera use and experience in setting up lights and set up for a shoot. Outside of school he took the initiative to learn at a professional level at KPBS and 20th Century Fox Television. Working for those companies gave him valuable experience learning about the entertainment industry and the overall essence of a production.